Rain, Rain, Go Away.

For this post, I would like to take a second to talk about air supply, and no I do not mean the 80s band. Although, sometimes I do feel like I am "All out of Love" for this crazy Michigan weather. For some people, who have hardware in their bodies, the metal acts as some… Continue reading Rain, Rain, Go Away.

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My hardware

The other day I was talking to my mom about my blog. She pointed out that was missing from my post, "Operation Part Deux: Screws In." I never included photos of my x-rays with several different views of the plate and six screws in my foot. I have posted the photos on my other social… Continue reading My hardware

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These Boots Are Made For Walking

Cue the Hallelujah chorus, I got the okay to walk, in my walking boot. Like a butterfly leaving its cocoon, I emerged from my burrito blanket a little cold and definitely afraid.  Being laid up for two months really puts things into perspective. It's made me really eager and anxious to fully heal so that… Continue reading These Boots Are Made For Walking

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Operation Part Deux: Screws In

  About eight months after my first surgery I noticed my foot wasn't feeling better. However, according to my favorite free doctor, WebMD, the healing process takes up to a year. So I let it go. I didn't think anything of it when my foot would swell up and turn purple; I figured it was… Continue reading Operation Part Deux: Screws In

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Perspiration began rolling down my temple as I gnawed at my lip with full concentration. Just one more I told myself. I knew I only had one chance. With shaky hands, I moved closer to the edge. Before I could steadily lower the tweezers, I bumped the side. Game over. If this wasn't an overdramatized… Continue reading Operation

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Always Move the Baby Gate

To understand the full extent of my journey, I have to start from the beginning-truthfully. When I first hurt my foot, two summers ago, I decided to NEVER disclose what actually caused a fracture in my foot because some might say it was completely avoidable. I, being the clumsy person that I am, disagree. So,… Continue reading Always Move the Baby Gate